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The Real DJ - Rhythm Game app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 6551 ratings )
Music Games Action Music
Developer: Float32 Inc
Current version: 1.50, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Oct 2011
App size: 19.3 Mb

★1st place in 30 more countries in music game category★
★100% Free Rhythm Game★
★Play this game with your iPhone/iPod music★

★ The First Real Series-The Real DJ is available now. ★
◆ The Real DJ can play any song on your iPhone or iPod. Its FREE.
◆ You can have 10 FREE PLAYS EVERY DAY.
◆ Do you want to play more? Just install PREMIUM PACK.
◆ If you install PREMIUM PACK, You can play The Real DJ without a play count limit, remove ads and use a custom background image.

★★★ Note ★★★
◆ This game may not support iPhone 3G/iPod 1G/iPod 2G/iPod 3G.
◆ DRM-protected music is not available.

★★★ PREMIUM PACK User can ★★★

◆ play The Real DJ without play count limit.
◆ remove Ads. The Ads on Music Lists are not pretty.
◆ use your own background image. (ex:your favorite musician, sweetheart, baby, pet or whatever).

★★★ How come this game is possible ? ★★★

◆ The Real DJ analyzes low data of the selected music and create notes automatically.
◆ Some music would be pretty interesting to play but some music would not.
◆ We recommend you to choose exciting music such as, Hiphop, Electronica, House, Country Rock, Funk, Punk, Drum & Bass, Rock.

★★★ How to Play ★★★

◆ Launch app and choose "Select Music".
◆ You can see the songs you have on your iPhone/iPod. If you dont have any music, just sync some music before play.
◆ Choose a song and wait for loading and analyzing data, Analyzing is conducted only once for the first play.
◆ Some notes come down from the top. Just tap a key when a note comes on the key.
◆ In case some notes have an arrow, just slide to the arrows direction.

Pros and cons of The Real DJ - Rhythm Game app for iPhone and iPad

The Real DJ - Rhythm Game app good for

This app is what I was exactly looking for. unfortunately, it has no long phone support and crashes sometimes. This app would be great when you fix it.
The audio doesnt really sync with the pad but it is awesome game I recommend it :)
If you got Audiosurf but were disappointed it wasnt more like beatmania, this is for you! Tap along to music you actually listen to! One problem: Its really hard to find music; You can scroll by title or search by title. No album, artist or genre options. So I mostly just play songs starting with "A" Still, button size and placement is generous so just jump in and play without too much thinking!
Completely awesome I had to buy the full version best tap tap game ever
i rarely buy games in the app store. but i just had to support this game.
This a great idea for an app, and it is executed very nicely. The premium is worth it 100%. This is a great first rhythm game for people, as you dont have to pay a cent for a good experience. If you like audiosurf or tap tap, this is a great game for you. Completely blows Tap Tap revenge out of the water in terms of quality and update frequency.

Some bad moments

I thought that it was a game where you had to press the buttons in rhythm with the music... Where is our Taptap Revenge??? Je croyais que le principe du jeu cétait de taper en rythme avec la musique... Où est notre Taptap Revenge tant aimé????
I play audio surf all the time and honestly I really only listen to metal so I was hoping to find something like audiosurf for iPhone but sadly this isnt it even on easy I struggle to keep up with my songs and Ive played tap tap without much issue on high difficulties and dont see much sync between the notes and the actual music but maybe because its on easy
I really loved the original.. maybe you could add an option for the original or the current version. I love the new playlist selection though, but not the new gameplay.
I think this is awesome. I love the style of game play over many of the other music games on the app store BUT they are just random buttons coming down. They dont go well with the music at all. I think Float32 should supply the music and make the notes according to the music.
I am a huge rhythm game fan. This exact style of game is what I love to find and play, and from my experience, I can say this is certainly one of the worst Ive played. Cons: - poor note sync - notes dont precisely appear where their "hitbox" is, for when it passes the line. They seem somewhat behind. Not enough to miss all the time, but enough for that it will screw you up. - no "early or late" hits. From the few songs I played, I hit either "perfect" or "miss" every single time. - level difficulty is all far too easy. Crazy difficulty is a fair medium on almost all other rhythm games Ive played. - no difficulty customization. You cant alter anything aside from the note speed and difficulty. No way to alter the number of rows, which is a big put-off for me, in the least. - poor GUI. Even on an iPhone 6 it feels far too crammed. Pros: -lightning fast loading times. Truly the best part about this game is how fast it loads. Not much else going for it other than that. TLDR: This, albeit a fair game in some aspects, falls far short of other similar titles, such as Beat MP3 and O2Jam.
I really love this game, I play it all the time on my iPod. The only thing I want is for it to work on my iPad, it crashes on my iPad. But other than that, I love it! I recommend it to everyone! I even bought the premium pack, please fix the crashes on iPad though!

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